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Storage conditions for thermally conductive putty
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Storage conditions for thermally conductive putty

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The packaging of thermally conductive putty can generally be divided into syringe packaging or canned packaging. The small amount of thermally conductive putty is generally packaged in syringes. Most factories, such as power supply and LED industry, use a relatively large amount of thermally conductive putty. Basically, canned packaging is used. , If the canned thermally conductive putty is not used up at one time, many people will throw the lid aside and wait for the next use. In fact, this method is wrong. Conductive putty, thermally conductive putty must be placed in a cool place after use, not in direct sunlight. Generally, the storage temperature of silicone grease is about 30 degrees.

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Thermally conductive silica gel cannot be affected by moisture. The storage period is generally 8 months, but it does not mean that it cannot be used as long as the production time has passed 8 months. If it is stored well, it can be used for several years. If it is not stored properly, it may harden the thermally conductive putty and lose its proper performance. To judge whether the thermally conductive putty can still be used, you only need to touch it with your hand. Generally, the thermally conductive putty that is well preserved is smooth to the touch. If the touch is not good, it is dusty. If there is dust, it means that this thermal silica gel can no longer be used.


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