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  • Matters needing attention when using silicon thermal pad on laptop


    Nowadays, most people have used laptops. In the past, laptops were relatively thick, but with the development of technology, laptops have become thinner and lighter. Some people will say that this is because of the internal parts. Smaller and lighter, in fact, this is only a small aspect. The main r Read More

  • Efficient application of silicone thermal pad in server cooling


    Server chassis and general computer chassis are similar in composition, including processor, hard disk, memory and system bus. Due to the continuous development of electronic technology at this stage, as the power consumption of the system and devices continues to increase, the heat generation of th Read More

  • Storage conditions for thermally conductive putty


    The packaging of thermally conductive putty can generally be divided into syringe packaging or canned packaging. The small amount of thermally conductive putty is generally packaged in syringes. Most factories, such as power supply and LED industry, use a relatively large amount of thermally conduct Read More

  • What factors will affect the thermal conductivity of silicon thermal pad


    The base material of silicone thermal pad is generally silica gel. This kind of silica gel can be synthesized by adding various auxiliary materials such as metal oxide as a thermally conductive medium material through a special process. Then there are specific factors that affect the thermal conduct Read More

  • How to use thermal conductive silicone pad to solve the problem of thermal conductivity


    As a mature and stable product, thermal conductive silicone pad can be seen everywhere in the market, and it involves a very wide range of applications, whether it is in communicationIndustry, electronics industry, LED industry, thermal conductive silicone pad will be one of the thermal conductive p Read More

  • Application classification and usage scenarios of thermally conductive double-sided adhesive


    Application classification and usage scenarios of thermally conductive double-sided adhesiveThermally conductive double-sided adhesive is widely used in the heat dissipation of LED, mobile phones, home appliances, computers, auto parts and other electronic products, such as the assembly of LED light Read More

  • Introduction to the principle of thermal conduction of thermal conductive gel


    With the advancement and development of science and technology, the contemporary electronic information industry is developing rapidly, and people's requirements for the power of electronic equipment are constantly increasing. Rapid and effective heat dissipation and upgrade of electronic and electr Read More

  • thermal conductive gel can guarantee fast charging


    Nowadays, more and more people buy new energy electric vehicles, and they have gradually developed into the mainstream of the automobile market. Although electric vehicles are environmentally friendly, the problems of battery life and charging still exist.In the cold winter, the charging problem is Read More

  • Factors affecting the thermal conductivity of thermally conductive putty


    Thermally conductive putty is an excellent thermal interface material. In recent years, thermally conductive putty has been widely used in consumer electronics, communication networks, electric power, automotive electronics, medical, transportation and aerospace. But when many people use it, they f Read More

  • Mechanical properties of silicone thermal pad


    Mechanical properties of silicone thermal pad The silicone thermal pad is generally installed between the frames of the heat dissipation device and mainly plays the role of heat conduction, buffering and shock absorption. In practical applications, in order to ensure that the thermal conductive gask Read More

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