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  • Silicone thermal pad can solve the heat dissipation problem of the heat dissipation module


    One of the common heat dissipation methods in most compact electronic products in the market is to use a heat dissipation module for heat dissipation. So what is a cooling module? Simply put, it is a heat dissipation channel formed by a combination of a radiator and a thermally conductive material, Read More

  • Silicone thermal pad can solve the heat dissipation problem of wireless chargers


    The current wireless charging technology has broken through this form of traditional cable charging. Now the wireless charging technology using intelligent power transmission is widely used. This new technology has greatly improved the charging efficiency and convenience.At present, wireless chargin Read More

  • Is the silicone thermal pad inherently sticky?


    One thing that many customers want to know when buying thermal pads is, is the silicone thermal pad itself sticky? Do you need to buy other adhesives when you use it? Today, the silicone thermal pad manufacturer will answer this question for everyone.In fact, silicone thermal pads are generally self Read More

  • What is a phase change material (PCM)?


    Maybe you still don't know much about PCM. This article will introduce you to some knowledge about disguised materials. PCM, the full name is phase change material. It means that a large amount of heat is released or absorbed through a disguised phase, to achieve the purpose of heating or cooling. T Read More

  • The rapid development of the LED industry drives the development of silicone thermal pad


    In recent years, the rapid development of the LED industry has indirectly driven the development of thermally conductive materials. At present, the market for thermally conductive materials is constantly making breakthroughs in the field of high-end materials.Nowadays, more and more new thermal cond Read More

  • Top 4 Phase Change Material Manufacturers in China


    1. Dongguan AMG Electronics AMG Electronics is a professional manufacturer of thermal materials used in electrical components.AMG has over 10 years of experience in the R&D and production of thermal materials. According to the demands of different electronic devices, we will communicate with custome Read More

  • What is a thermal grease silicone pad?


    Thermally conductive silicone grease is a silicone grease-like compound made with organic silicone as the basic raw material, added with special metal oxides, and various additives, and through a special process. It has high thermal conductivity, insulation, and low oil separation. It can maintain e Read More

  • How does Thermal Conductive Silicone Pad solve the heat dissipation problem of LED lamps?


    Heat dissipation is a key issue that LED lights need to face, and heat conduction has always been a pain point for LED lights. The thermal conductive material often used in the traditional LED heat dissipation mode is thermal conductive silicone grease. The cost of LED thermal conductive silicone gr Read More

  • Two methods to solve the moldy and black glass glue


    Glass glue is a commonly used adhesive. It is used in kitchen, bathroom decoration, and glass doors and windows. Due to the humid environment in these places, the glass glue is very easy to mold and black, which not only affects the appearance, but also breeds bacteria and endangers human health. Ho Read More

  • Application areas of adhesives and sealants


    Adhesives and sealants are classified according to the formulation, including organic and inorganic substances. Acrylic, polyurethane and silicone, moisture curing, heat curing and UV curing, etc. They can achieve reliable and long-lasting bonding with a variety of substrates, such as ceramics, meta Read More

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