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  • Automotive Electronics
    With the rapid changes in the automotive industry, there are more and more electronic components inside vehicles, such as various control chips and sensors. The stronger their performance, the higher demands for heatsink thermal pad. For example, lithium battery packs of new energy vehicles have high demand for environment temperature. Below 4℃, lithium battery capacity largely decreases and charging becomes difficult. Above 60℃, they age quickly and even expand and combust if the heat is not properly dissipated.
  • Datacom Infrastructure

    Datacom Infrastructure
    AMG provides thermal conductive products for the datacom infrastructure industry to effectively solve the problem caused by equipment overheating. For example, Thermal conductive pads are regularly put on data processing chips, flash chips, and wireless chips of wireless routers. They can then be fit closely with metal heat sinks and the temperature of the components is significantly decreased, which can ensure the long-term stable operation of wireless routers.

    Almost every device used in datacom contains thermal materials such as thermal interface pad, thermal conductive putty, thermal conductive grease, phase change material,graphite sheet, and so on.

  • Lighting Equipment

    Large-power lighting equipment usually produces large amounts of heat, which can damage components and possibly lead to a fire. Therefore, heat dissipation is extremely important.

    AMG provides high-quality thermal conductive materials for lighting equipment, such as thermal conductive pads, thermally conductive tape and two-part thermal gap fillers. Specifically, thermal conductive pads are mainly used for LED flashlights, LED desk lamps and LED vehicle lights, to filling the gaps between LED chips and heat dissipation base can effectively transfer heat out and lower the temperature of LED chips. two-part thermal gap fillers are used for waterproof LED bulbs, to encapsulate the power part can effectively decrease power temperature, but also can realize sealing and waterproof functions.

  • Home Appliances

    AMG provides thermal interface material solutions for the home appliance industry.

    There are many heat producing components in home appliances, such as processing chips, diodes, transformers, high frequency adapters and PCB (printed circuit boards). Effective heat dissipation is required to maintain stable and long-term operation.

    For instance, thermal conductive putty usually used to fill the gaps between MOS tubes and metal heat sinks to effectively decrease the temperature of corresponding power components. Thermal interface pads are often used to fill the gaps between PCB and heat dissipating shells can lower PCB temperature and improve the stability and service life of LED TVs.

  • Mobile-handheld

    Modern mobile handheld devices produce a large amount of heat, especially when operating large software. If heat cannot be transferred effectively, operation speed will be negatively affected.

    Varieties of AMG thermal interface materials are applied to the mobile handheld industry. For example, by putting thermal pads between mobile phone chips and shielding covers, heat can be better transferred out to decrease the temperature of chips. Without outgassing silicon oil, circuit boards will not be polluted. Painting thermal conductive gel/putty on mobile phone processors and then fixing with metal heat sinks can effectively decrease the temperature of processors.

  • Medical Equipment

    Medical equipment features many heat sources such as microprocessors and other electronic components. To ensure the stable operation of the equipment, heat dissipation must be effective.

    AMG thermal conductive materials are widely used in medical equipment applications, such as non-silicone thermal putty for digital display oxygen supply machine chips, non-silicon thermal pads for digital display sphygmomanometer chips, etc. Due to no silicon component, these thermal interface materials are safe for humans.

  • Industrial Automation

    In industrial automatic equipment, processors, storage chips, control units and power modules all produce large amounts of heat during operation. Automatic equipment typically operates under high load for long periods of time, making heat dissipation an even more important factor to take into consideration for stable operation and safety.

    AMG provides thermal conductive materials solutions for industrial automation, and our products including thermal pads, thermal putty and two-part thermal conductive gel are widely used. Such as automatic equipment chips, painting thermal putty on the contact interface of chips and heat sinks can transfer heat to heat sinks highly efficiently to lower chip temperature.

  • Aerospace

    Aerospace crafts are filled with sensitive electronic components that must operate at a suitable temperature to ensure flight safety and instrument performance.

    AMG provides various thermal conductive pads, non-silicon thermal pads and non-silicon thermal putty for heat dissipation in aerospace industry products.



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