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About AMG

AMG Electronics is a professional manufacturer of thermal materials used in electrical components.
Dongguan AMG Electronic Products Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and marketing of heat dissipation materials and thermal conductivity materials. Specializing in the production and export of thermal pads, phase change materials, thermal conductive gel, thermal conductive grease, thermal conductive tape, graphite sheet manufacturer.Among them, electronic equipment using AMG thermal conductivity materials are currently exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other markets. AMG sees that with the continuous prosperity and development of the market economy and the Internet, the continuous development and performance improvement of electronic equipment meets people’s requirements.

Product variety
We offer thermal materials, including common thermal gap pads, lightweight thermal pads, non-silicon thermal pads, thermal conductive grease, non-silicon thermal grease, thermal gel, non-silicon thermal gel, two-part thermal gap fillers, phase change materials, and thermal conductive absorber pads. All materials have different performance demands depending on many factors including equipment type. From large communication devices to consumer electronics, all of these products perform better with proper thermal materials installed. Additionally, AMG products are suitable for automatic operation, which is convenient for large-scale automatic production.

AMG has over 10 years of experience in the R&D and production of thermal materials. According to the demands of different electronic devices, we will communicate with customers closely, to learn about their design requirements and recommend suitable materials.

Most AMG technicians for production, R&D and quality control have many years of experience. We can ensure the product technology and quality to satisfy your multi-level needs for design and production.

AMG has cooperated with world-famous raw thermal material suppliers for over 10 years, such as, Denka, Saint-Gobain, Wacker, and Monentive. We strictly control the sources of our quality raw materials to ensure the quality and performance of end products. We have also cooperated in R&D efforts to develop thermal materials that can meet special design and usage requirements of electronic equipment.

Production equipment
We have many sets of high-precision raw material production equipment and die-cutting equipment. The precision and thickness range of products can meet the demands of most electronic devices and the thickness range is even wider than that of the competition.

Testing equipment
We employ various pieces of testing equipment and our products are strictly tested according to ASTM and international standards to control quality to meet technology demands.

AMG is always pursuing a high level of quality and regard it as our ultimate goal. Since our foundation, AMG has always been carrying out strict management according to ISO9001 standards and have passed related certifications.

Quality/Price position
According to quality/price position, AMG thermal conductive materials are competitive, which can reduce electronic products cost and maximize their price advantage.


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