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Thermal Interface Materials soulution supplier, properties at high, middle and low ends, which can meet different performance requirements from large-scale communication equipment to small traditional electronic equipment. It can provide different product types for customers to choose, thereby improving The flexibility and diversity of the customer's design, and AMG's heat dissipation materials are also suitable for automated operations, and can be coordinated with customers for large-scale automated production.


AMG has launched different types of heat dissipation and thermal conductivity materials, and strives to enrich the product categories and diversify their functions to meet the different design and performance requirements of electronic devices.
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    AMG has more than 12 years of experience in R&D and production of thermal and heat dissipation materials, and understands customer design requirements and recommends suitable materials to meet customer needs for electronic equipment.
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    AMG regards quality as the life of an enterprise, operates strictly in accordance with the requirements of the ISO9001 system, and has passed relevant system certification.
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    AMG product testing is strictly conducted in accordance with ASTM and international standards, and strict quality control of the product's factory indicators.
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    AMG thermal and heat dissipation products can be positioned as competitive products, which can reduce the cost of electronic products and increase the price advantage of products.


Dongguan AMG Electronic Products Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and marketing of heat dissipation materials and thermal conductivity materials. Specializing in the production and export of thermal pads, phase change materials, thermal conductive gel, thermal conductive grease, thermal conductive tape, graphite sheet manufacturer.Among them, electronic equipment using AMG thermal conductivity materials are currently exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other markets. AMG sees that with the continuous prosperity and development of the market economy and the Internet, the continuous development and performance improvement of electronic equipment meets people’s requirements.  

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Silicone thermal pad can solve the heat dissipation problem of the heat dissipation module
One of the common heat dissipation methods in most compact electronic products in the market is to use a heat dissipation module for heat dissipation. So what is a cooling module? Simply put, it is a heat dissipation channel formed by a combination of a radiator and a thermally conductive material,
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Silicone thermal pad can solve the heat dissipation problem of wireless chargers
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Is the silicone thermal pad inherently sticky?
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September 09, 2021


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