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Thermal Conductive Grease Exporter
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Thermal Conductive Grease Exporter

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Thermal Conductive Grease

AMG-TG series Thermal Conductive Grease is an efficient heat dissipation material that will not dry out.Thermal Conductive Grease is suitable for filling the gap between electronic components and heat sinks, Which is a thickness and heat dissipation requirements that thermal conductive materials cannot achieve.It can wet the contact surface to form a very low thermal resistance interface, The heat dissipation efficiency is much better than conventional heat dissipation products.

 It has a good coverage area and low fluidity,It is suitable for automatic coating and screen printing production processes. Its own lubrication can solve the high heat transfer requirements between the heat source and the radiator. It is also suitable for applications that require rework and frequent assembly/ disassembly, And can continue to use after disassembly and assembly. And the viscosity value of the thermal conductive grease can be specifically adjusted according to customer requirements.

AMG provides thermal conductive products for the datacom infrastructure industry to effectively solve the problem caused by equipment overheating. Thermal conductive grease widely used in notebooks, servers, computers, storage modules, etc.,CPU cooling wireless modules, routers and other network communication equipment, game systems, convenient devices and other consumer electronic equipment, power supply, LED lighting, LCD TV, etc.


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