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Efficient application of silicone thermal pad in server cooling
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Efficient application of silicone thermal pad in server cooling

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Server chassis and general computer chassis are similar in composition, including processor, hard disk, memory and system bus. Due to the continuous development of electronic technology at this stage, as the power consumption of the system and devices continues to increase, the heat generation of the internal devices of the server continues to increase, and the heat dissipation problem has become a difficult problem that must be faced in the development of the server.

Because the power density of the server chassis is higher, generally speaking, it needs to be dissipated through an advanced thermal management material system. The main component of server heat is the chip, and the efficiency and service life of the chip will be affected by the heat dissipation processing technology. Therefore, in the main chip It is necessary to install a heat sink in the part. The CPU chip heat dissipation technology is adopted, and a heat dissipation device is installed in the main chip parts, which can improve the operation efficiency of the internal components of the server cabinet and enhance the heat dissipation effect of the heat dissipation data server, so that the heat dissipation effect of the heat dissipation system can be further utilized to protect important components.

PCB thermal pad

Generally speaking, the silicon thermal pad is installed between the bottom of the PCB board corresponding to the heat dissipation chip and the shell, but because the temperature of the back end of the PCB is also very high, the heat dissipation problem also needs to be solved. At this time, a large area soft The silicon thermal pad makes full use of its good filling effect, compression performance and good cross-sectional wettability to bring thermal conductivity. At the same time, the material itself has good electrical insulation effect and shock absorption effect. At the same time, the use of silicon thermal pad is convenient and not easy to wear. , Reusable, easy to install, and at the same time save manpower and material resources for customer thermal design verification and mass production, silicon thermal pad perfectly solves the above-mentioned thermal problems, it is really a good material that serves multiple purposes.


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