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Matters needing attention when using silicon thermal pad on laptop
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Matters needing attention when using silicon thermal pad on laptop

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Nowadays, most people have used laptops. In the past, laptops were relatively thick, but with the development of technology, laptops have become thinner and lighter. Some people will say that this is because of the internal parts. Smaller and lighter, in fact, this is only a small aspect. The main reason is that the components used for heat dissipation are smaller and more effective. To achieve good heat dissipation, silicon thermal pad is indispensable. To understand silicon thermal pad How to work on laptop cooling, you need to know how to use silicone pads on laptops

1. Where should silicon thermal pad be used?

Laptops are different from desktop computers. Desktop hosts have a lot of space, so you can directly install cooling fans on some important components of the chassis and motherboard, such as power boxes, CPUs, and graphics cards. A cooling fan will be installed in these positions. There is even a fan on the side panel of the case. But for laptops, space is limited and weight is constantly being reduced, so widespread use of fans is impossible. However, the main components that need heat dissipation are CPU, north-south bridge, and graphics card, but they are essential. If you want to make good heat dissipation, you can paste silicon thermal pad on the corresponding position to improve the heat dissipation effect.

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2. Where is silicon thermal pad mainly used?

Before understanding how many millimeters of notebook silicon thermal pad should be used, let’s first explain that most notebook CPUs in the current market mainly rely on fans to dissipate heat, but this fan often also plays a role in dissipating heat in the host. The silicone thermal pad is mainly used for the heat dissipation of the chip, so during installation, a silicon thermal pad will be attached to the chip, and then the fan heat pipe will be connected above, so that the cooling efficiency of the silicon thermal pad will be improved when the fan is running. However, at present, there are also a small number of laptops that cancel the CPU fan, and such laptops can only use silicon thermal pads to dissipate heat.

3. How thick is the silicon thermal pad of the laptop?

Because of the lightweight characteristics of notebooks, basically all manufacturers pursue lightness and thinness, which imposes very high requirements on the heat dissipation of notebook computers. How many millimeters should the silicon thermal pad for notebook computers be used? In fact, there is no strict regulation or standard to say how thick it needs to be. Generally speaking, it depends on the notebook computer itself. If the notebook computer is thicker, then thicker ones can be used. The modern manufacturing process has made great progress than before, so the thickness requirement of the notebook itself has been raised to between 1-2mm.


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