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Application areas of adhesives and sealants
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Application areas of adhesives and sealants

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Adhesives and sealants are classified according to the formulation, including organic and inorganic substances. Acrylic, polyurethane and silicone, moisture curing, heat curing and UV curing, etc. They can achieve reliable and long-lasting bonding with a variety of substrates, such as ceramics, metals, glass and plastics, and do not require mechanical fixation.

Dow's adhesive and sealant solutions provide products with a variety of viscosities and curing systems, with raw materials (surfactants, oxidizing solvents, rheology modifiers, additives, etc.) or fully formulated products to meet the requirements of many industries Process requirements, these solutions are widely used in various markets:

Automotive: Provides durable bonds, seals and gaskets to help prevent component failures, reduce expensive warranty repairs, and improve driving comfort.

Aerospace, defense and avionics equipment: Provide reliable and long-lasting solutions in a wide temperature range and harsh environments, can effectively bond with a variety of substrates, and provide a quantified solution.

Building and construction: Provide durable and flexible solutions in glass installation, building curtain walls and fire protection applications.

Electronic devices and advanced components: Provide solutions to mechanical stress and vibration damping in a wide temperature range to improve product reliability.

Lighting: Help prevent environmental impact and moisture, to ensure the structural integrity of the LED light, and provide a safe basis for sub-assemblies and large assemblies.

Industry: Improve performance and improve surface wettability, while meeting volatile organic compound (VOC) requirements.

Packaging: Improve the adhesion of shell and carton packaging, labels and tapes, extend shelf life and improve the recyclability of flexible food packaging.

Films, special tapes and labels: high-performance pressure-sensitive adhesives used in masking tapes, adhesive tapes and protective films for electrical and electronic devices, construction, automobiles and aerospace.

Adhesives and sealants


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