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Characteristics of heat conduction pad
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Characteristics of heat conduction pad

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The heat conduction pad has a certain degree of flexibility, excellent insulation, compressibility, and natural viscosity on the surface. It is specially produced for the design scheme of using the gap to transfer heat. It can fill the gap and complete the heat transfer between the heating part and the heat dissipation part. The products can be cut arbitrarily, which is conducive to automatic production and product maintenance.

The thickness of the silicone thermal insulation pad ranges from 0.5mm to 5mm, and increases every 0.5mm. Special requirements can be increased to 15mm. It is specially produced for the design scheme of using the gap to transfer heat. It can fill the gap and complete the heating and heat dissipation parts. Heat transfer can also play the role of shock absorption, insulation, sealing, etc., which can meet the design requirements of equipment miniaturization and ultra-thinness. It is a new material with great technology and usability, which is widely used in electronic appliances. In the product.

It has the properties of heat conduction, insulation and shock resistance. The material is soft, and the surface is slightly viscous. It is easy to operate. It can be applied to the surface of various irregular parts and the radiator, and it plays a role of heat conduction filling between the shells. Some thermally conductive silica gel has glass fiber to increase its mechanical strength.

Used in power supply, LCD/PDP TV, LED lighting, automotive electronics, optoelectronics, notebook computers and other industries, the traditional thermal conductive material is thermal conductive silicone grease.

The thermal pad is designed to imitate how to match the irregular surface of the material from the engineering point of view. The use of high-performance thermal conductive materials eliminates air gaps, thereby improving the overall heat transfer capability and making the device work at a lower temperature.

heat conduction pad


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