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How should home appliance manufacturers choose silica gel products?
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How should home appliance manufacturers choose silica gel products?

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In order to keep up with the rapid pace of innovation, home appliance manufacturers must not only meet consumer expectations, but also meet the harsh environmental and safety requirements of home appliances, from factory resins and plastic additives that increase the strength and toughness of equipment housings to significantly improve energy efficiency. Polyurethane insulation system that will not adversely affect productivity or design. Our mature technology can help your various precision electronic products.

Controlling the speed of motors and ensuring safe and reliable operation are only part of the many goals that the printed circuit boards of modern major household appliances serve. The electrical appliances that consumers expect today need to be more efficient, integrated and durable.

Combined with our application expertise, our wide range of multifunctional electronic materials can help you create and protect devices that will operate reliably for many years to come. Even the most difficult applications can meet the needs of consumers. The silica gel product material used has the following characteristics:

Stronger resistance to chemicals and moisture

Better thermal stability, improve high temperature insulation

Increase productivity through heat-accelerated room temperature curing

Targeted heat dissipation of power transistors or compressor components

Improve the reliability of the equipment during the expected service life

Greater flexibility helps protect large components from vibration and precision components from strain caused by thermal cycling

Adopt a program that meets the VOC standard to achieve simplified processing operations and scrap processing

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