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PCB Thermal Conductive Pad |AMG

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PCB Thermal Conductive Pad


PCB Thermal Conductive Pad also know as the heatsink thermal pad, Used to reduce the contact thermal resistance between the surface of the heat source and the contact surface of the heat sink.

PCB Thermal Conductive Pad it is specially produced for the design scheme that uses the gap to transfer heat. It can fill the gap and complete the heat transfer between the heating part and the heat dissipation part. At the same time, it also plays the role of insulation, shock absorption, and sealing, which can meet the miniaturization and ultra-thinness of equipment. The design requirements are extremely manufacturability and usability, and a wide range of thickness applications, which is an excellent thermally conductive filler material. It can be classified into: ordinary thermal conductive silicone film, high thermal conductive thermal silicone film, glass fiber thermal conductive silicone film, adhesive thermal conductive silicone film.

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