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Something about the heat dissipation
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Something about the heat dissipation

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There are two things we have to know to solve the problem of electronic overheating, engineers must firstly understand that air is a poor heat conductor, limiting the heat loss efficiency of the heat sink. Second, they must attach a heat sink over the electronics to ensure efficient heat dissipation. For heat dissipation in electronics, it is common to utilize a thermal gap pad, which is made of soft polymer, as a heat dissipation method.


When a current flows through a resistor in an electric circuit, heat is generated. Semiconductor device is considered a resistor that creates heat in proportion to the On resistance as current flows through. The heat negatively affects the semiconductor device and the electronic components. We see that the device slows down when the temperature goes up. This is because the heat will badly affect the performance and the reliability. So, the engineers find thermal pads essential for semiconductor packages.



Heat sinks are designed to maximize its surface area next to the cooling medium surrounding it. Air velocity, choice of material, protrusion design and surface treatment decide whether or not it is a good performance heat sink. 



The radiator transfers thermal energy from a higher temperature device to a lower temperature fluid medium. The fluid medium is usually air, but it can also be water, refrigerant or oil. If the fluid medium is water, the radiator is usually called a cold plate. In thermodynamics, a radiator is a heat storage device that can absorb any amount of heat without significantly changing the temperature. Practical heat sinks used in electronic equipment must have a higher temperature than the surrounding environment in order to transfer heat through convection, radiation and conduction. The power supply of the electronic device is not 100% efficient, so excess heat is generated, which may adversely affect the function of the device. Therefore, a heat sink is included in the design to disperse the heat


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