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The Use Of Thermal Conductive Pad
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The Use Of Thermal Conductive Pad

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The Use Of Thermal Conductive Pad

Thermal Conductive Pad

GTP series thermal conductive pad is used in the gap between heating devices and heat sinks, metal bases or equipment shells, Their softness, high resilence and 

high compressibility make them well used fill the gap between the heat source and the heat sink. So that the heat can be well conducted through the thermal 

conductive pad filling material to the entire heat sink or the PCB to the shell.the frame, diffuser or in the air have the effect of heat conduction and shock 

absorption, Improve the efficiency and service life of heating electronic components. 

 The thermal conductivity of AMG thermal conductive pad can be from 1.0w/mk-12w/mk,According to the different heat dissipation of the material, the hardness 

can be made from 5Shore00 to 60Shore00,It can meet the requirements of most applications of customers.And can make special use design for customers. 

Thermal conductive pads are widely used in microprocessors and high- speed buffer memory chips,computers,mobile phones and other portable electronic equipment, 

servers, network communication industry,audio, TV, electric wind blowing and other daily smart home appliances auotomatic control equipment, lighting application 

industry, new ennergy vehicles.


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