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thermal conductive gel can guarantee fast charging
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thermal conductive gel can guarantee fast charging

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Nowadays, more and more people buy new energy electric vehicles, and they have gradually developed into the mainstream of the automobile market. Although electric vehicles are environmentally friendly, the problems of battery life and charging still exist.

In the cold winter, the charging problem is a headache. The charging is slow in winter, and the temperature of the rechargeable battery will gradually rise, which will cause damage to the battery. Don't think that fast charging can be fast and safe. Some institutions have done research in this area. They charged 26Ah/3.7V ternary lithium batteries with different magnifications, and then recorded the temperature rise on the surface of the battery.

It was found that the temperature of the battery cell only rose to 26 °C under 1 times the charging power (1C); but when the charging power increased to 3 times (3C), the junction temperature of the battery cell soared to 58 °C, which almost touched the safety of the power battery. upper temperature limit. Obviously, if there is no way to solve the problem of high temperature, fast charging is just a distant dream after all.

thermally conductive adhesive

So how to solve the problem of high temperature?

The most direct solution is heat dissipation. At present, the liquid-cooled heat dissipation part of the automotive power lithium-ion battery pack is composed of liquid-cooled tubes and thermal conductive gel adhesive. The liquid cooling tube includes the internal cooling liquid, which mainly completes the heat dissipation of the lithium-ion battery pack. The thermal conductive gel mainly completes the heat conduction between the battery cell and the liquid cooling tube. The specific application forms of the glue include gaskets, potting and sealing. , filling, etc.

Advantages of thermal conductive gel:

①Wide applicability: With the increase in the complexity of electronic device design, compared with many traditional thermal conductive materials, thermal conductive gel can better fill irregular gaps of components and overcome tolerances of parts.

②Suitable for large-scale automatic production: thermal conductive gel can be quickly applied with automatic equipment to meet the needs of automatic production processes in the industrial field.

③Long-term reliability: thermal conductive gel has excellent performance in many tests and practical applications, such as thermal stability, thermal shock, electrical insulation and vibration aging.


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