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Two methods to solve the moldy and black glass glue
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Two methods to solve the moldy and black glass glue

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Glass glue is a commonly used adhesive. It is used in kitchen, bathroom decoration, and glass doors and windows. Due to the humid environment in these places, the glass glue is very easy to mold and black, which not only affects the appearance, but also breeds bacteria and endangers human health. How to deal with the yellowing and moldy problem of the glass glue without affecting the effect of the glass glue becomes a processing problem Focus.

Two ways to solve the moldy and black glass glue:

1. Clean and wipe

It is well known that 84 disinfectant has a certain bleaching effect. We can mix water and 84 disinfectant at a ratio of 3:1, and then use a wet wipe to dip a small amount of mixed water and wipe it. If the stain is stubborn, it is fine. Steel balls and brushes can be used to improve the cleaning effect.

In addition, white vinegar has a good bactericidal effect, and it is not irritating to mucous membranes, skin and respiratory tract, so if the area of mildew is small, we can use white vinegar + toothbrush to clean it.

2. Replace the glass glue

If the glass glue mildew is more serious, we need to remove the original glass glue at this time, and then reprocess it. This process is actually not as difficult as imagined.

Simply put, just the following steps:

1. Prepare four tools: knife, glass glue, glue gun, masking paper

2. Use a knife to remove the glass glue before.

3. Stick masking paper on the edge to prevent the glass glue from spilling into other places.

4. Use a glue gun to make a circle of glue along the seam, and use a scraper to smooth the surface.

5. Tear off the masking paper and wait 12 hours for the glass glue to dry.

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