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What is a phase change material (PCM)?
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What is a phase change material (PCM)?

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Maybe you still don't know much about PCM. This article will introduce you to some knowledge about disguised materials. PCM, the full name is phase change material. It means that a large amount of heat is released or absorbed through a disguised phase, to achieve the purpose of heating or cooling. The general PCM transforms between liquid and solid. In some special cases, one crystalline state can be transformed into another crystalline state with higher or lower energy.


The heat of fusion required by the phase-changing material to change its state of matter is much greater than its sensible heat. In our daily life, ice and water are very effective phase change materials. The heat required to melt ice into water is much higher than the heat required to raise the water of the same quality by one degree.

The phase-changing materials themselves are divided into organic phase-changing materials and non-organic phase-changing materials. The phase-changing materials that we widely use in our daily life for heat dissipation are organic phase-changing materials. Organic phase-changing materials have more advantages than inorganic phase-changing materials, hydrated salts. The organic phase-changing material has no supercooling effect during solidification and can melt uniformly during melting. This material has self-nucleating properties, good compatibility with conventional structural materials, stable chemical properties at room temperature, and is relatively safe. It will not damage and corrode sophisticated electronic components during use.

Warning (please pay attention to avoid direct skin contact when using, and pay attention to fire prevention when storing)


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