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What is a thermal grease silicone pad?
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What is a thermal grease silicone pad?

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Thermally conductive silicone pad is a silicone grease-like compound made with organic silicone as the basic raw material, added with special metal oxides, and various additives, and through a special process. It has high thermal conductivity, insulation, and low oil separation. It can maintain effective working conditions for a long time at temperatures from -58°F to 446°F. The average viscosity of thermal grease is 2,000,000 mPa·s/0.3rpm, and the thermal conductivity is 2.0W/m·K. In the working environment of 248.0000℉ for four hours, the volatile matter is <0.05%.


So what is the difference between thermal conductive silicone grease and our common thermal conductive silicone? Both thermally conductive silica gel and thermally conductive silicone grease are thermal interface materials. Thermally conductive silica gel is thermally conductive RTV glue, a potting glue that can be cured at room temperature. The biggest difference between thermally conductive silicone grease is that thermally conductive silicone can be cured and has a certain bonding performance.

In the application of heat dissipation and heat conduction, even two planes with very smooth surfaces will have gaps when they are in contact with each other. The air in these gaps is a poor conductor of heat and will hinder the conduction of heat to the heat sink. Thermal grease is a material that can fill these gaps and make the heat conduction more smoothly and quickly. These characteristics of thermal grease determine that it is an ideal gap-filling thermal medium for electronic components.

Our company's thermal conductive pad have good process performance and can be directly applied. The construction method can be brush painting, roller coating, automatic extrusion by the dispenser, or screen printing. If the user himself dilutes with silicone oil, not only does oil separation is easy to occur, but also the thermal conductivity becomes smaller. Therefore, it is recommended that customers first choose a suitable model to ensure the quality of the product.


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