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What Is The Performance Of Thermal Conductive Silicone Pad ?
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What Is The Performance Of Thermal Conductive Silicone Pad ?

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Thermal Conductive Silicone pad

The thermal conductive silicone pad is commonly known as "thermal pad material" It has good advantages when used in electrical appliances and communication equipment. It can reduce the pressure of components and can be covered in electrical tubes with uneven surfaces to improve appearance and increase heat transfer. effectiveness. Especially for electrical tubes with relatively small space, the use of this glue can release heat energy and protect the electrical tubes from damage.

What is the main performance of thermal conductive silicone pad ?

1. thermal conductive silicone pad is a kind of heat-dissipating glue used in electrical appliances, electronic products, automotive electronics and industrial electronics. It can help electronic components release heat during operation, extend their service life, and ensure the safety of electrical appliances.

2. It also has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and water resistance, especially in the environment with relatively bad weather, it can have the effect of aging resistance.

3. It has good electrical insulation properties and excellent thermal conductivity, and is a good insulating material used in electrical appliances.

4. Good high temperature resistance, it can be used at a high temperature of up to 280 degrees, and can also be used at a low temperature of -60 degrees. It has good cold and high temperature resistance and can protect electrical components.

5. Good anti-vibration performance, good anti-vibration performance, waterproof and anti-ultraviolet radiation performance, especially used in computers and other electronic products to reduce radiation.

What are the advantages of using thermal conductive silicone pad in electrical appliances?

1. It can be used on computer cpu to have heat dissipation performance, can protect computer parts from thermal erosion, can protect electrical components, and extend the life of the computer.

2. The thermal conductive silicone pad used in the LCD screen can achieve heat-dissipation performance, even if the TV is continuously working, it can protect the safety of electrical parts and prevent burning.

3. PTC sheet and aluminum heat sink can be used when bonding, for example, the sensor surface plug-in line can play a role of sealing, fixing and insulating.

there are a dazzling array of thermal conductive silicone pad on the market at different prices. You must buy products with word-of-mouth guarantee when you buy them. Only when such products are used in electrical appliances can they be safe.


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