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What Material Conducts Heat The Fastest?
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What Material Conducts Heat The Fastest?

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What Material Conducts Heat The Fastest?

Thermal Conductive Pad

When it comes to cooling systems, many people think of fans and heatsink thermal pad. In fact, they neglected an inconspicuous but important heat transfer medium. 

In this regard, let’s talk about thermal conductive interface material. I hope you can discuss and express your own experience and opinions on the heat dissipation of various power devices. Why do you need thermal media? Some people may think that the surface of the CPU or the bottom of the heat sink is very smooth, and no heat transfer medium is needed between them. This view is wrong! Since it is impossible to make an ideal flat surface by machining, there are many gullies or gaps between the CPU and the heat sink, all of which are air. We know that the thermal resistance of air is very high, so other materials must be used to reduce the thermal resistance, otherwise the performance of the radiator will be greatly compromised, or even unable to function. So the heat-conducting medium came into being, its role is to fill the large and small gaps between the processor and the heat sink, and increase the contact area between the heat source and the heat sink. 

Therefore, Thermal Conductive Pad is only a function of the heat transfer medium, and increasing the effective contact area between the CPU and the heat sink is its most important function.


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