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Which Electronic Products Need To Use Thermal Conductive Materials?
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Which Electronic Products Need To Use Thermal Conductive Materials?

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thermal conductive pad

With the increasing miniaturization of electronic products, such as mobile phones that can be carried, portable, and portable media platforms, people can obtain information at a very low cost of time. With the development of the mobile phone industry, mobile phones are becoming thinner and lighter, and the requirements for thermally conductive materials are higher. If the thermal conductivity of electronic devices is not enough, the friendliness of consumers using mobile phones is not enough. So thermal conductive pad has been increasingly applied to many electronic products, which increase the service life of electronic products and thermally conductive fins reduce damage to electronic products.

The following are several thermally conductive materials commonly used in electronic products.

1. Thermal conductive pad: It is a high-performance gap-filling thermally conductive material, mainly used for the transfer boundary between electronic equipment and heat sink or product shell surface. It has good viscosity, flexibility, good compression performance and excellent heat transfer. In use, the air between the electronic components and the heat sink can be completely discharged to achieve sufficient contact and the heat dissipation effect is significantly increased.

2. thermal conductive grease: It is a thermally conductive compound with very good performance, and the characteristics of non-solidification and non-conductive can avoid the risk of circuit short circuit. Its high bonding performance and strong thermal conductivity are currently a good thermal solution when the CPU, GPU and heat sink are in contact.

3. Thermal conductive paste: AMG-TG series thermal conductive paste is an efficient heat dissipation material that will not dry out. Thermal conductive paste is suitable for filling the gap between electronic components and heat sinks, which is a thickness and heat dissipation requirements that conventional thermal conductive materials cannot achieve. It can wet the contact surface to form a very low thermal resistance interface. The heat dissipation efficiency is much better than conventional heat dissipation products.

4. Thermally conductive tape: AMG-TAP series thermally conductive tape has high thermal conductivity and insulation properties, and is soft, strong, and compressible. It can adapt to a large temperature range, can fill uneven surfaces, can tightly and firmly fit between the heating source device and the radiator, and quickly conduct heat away.


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