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How to use thermal conductive silicone pad to solve the problem of heat conduction
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How to use thermal conductive silicone pad to solve the problem of heat conduction

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Thermal conductive silicone pad is a mature product. The application of thermal conductive silicone pad in the market is very common. This kind of thermal conductive product has a wide range of applications. Whether in the communication industry, electronics industry or LED industry, thermal conductive silicone pad is considered by manufacturers One of the thermal conductive products, so thermal conductive silicone pad has more advantages than other thermal conductive products, then how to use this thermal conductive silicone pad correctly?

1. If you choose the heat sink solution, you basically use other thermal conductive materials such as thermally conductive double-sided tape and thermally conductive silicone grease. However, the thermal conductivity of the thermally conductive double-sided adhesive is generally relatively poor; thermally conductive silicone grease therefore does not have the ability to absorb shock and pressure; therefore, light and thin thermal conductive silicone pads can be used, because such thermal conductive silicone pads have better heat dissipation effects and are easy to operate.

thermal conductive silicone pad

2. The choice of heat conduction scheme: The development trend of electronic products is now becoming lighter and thinner. The previous heat conduction methods are generally based on heat sink schemes; with the development of heat conduction technology for electronic products, it is now more inclined to use metal brackets and metal shells. Structural heat sink; or a combination of the two schemes. In short, under different use environments, choose a cost-effective thermal conductivity solution, then thermal conductive silicone pad can be used at this time.

Third, when choosing structural parts to dissipate heat, it is inevitable to combine the thermal conductive silicone pad with the heat-conducting radiator and the protrusions on the contact surface. Then this requires choosing a thermal conductive silicone pad that is not thick when the product design allows it.


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