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Is the silicone thermal pad inherently sticky?
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Is the silicone thermal pad inherently sticky?

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One thing that many customers want to know when buying thermal pads is, is the silicone thermal pad itself sticky? Do you need to buy other adhesives when you use it? Today, the silicone thermal pad manufacturer will answer this question for everyone.

In fact, silicone thermal pads are generally self-adhesive. The viscosity can generally be divided into micro-viscosity, ultra-high viscosity, single-sided viscosity and double-sided viscosity, etc. Various viscosity silicone thermal pads are available for customers to choose from. The surface of the silicone thermal pad itself is generally adhesive, which can facilitate customer product positioning and heavy-duty operations. 

silicone thermal pad

Therefore, there is no need to design a fixed structure, such as no need to lock screws to fix, reduce customer costs, which can also avoid tearing Cracking the material itself, which can make it easy for operators to remove from the casing and heat sink for reuse. The silicone thermal pad allows customers to reduce operating hours and improve work efficiency.

And because silicone thermal pads are all built-in adhesives, it is best to use silicone hermal pads with adhesive when choosing their own adhesive silicone thermal pads.


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