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Wireless charger silicone thermal pad cooling solution
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Wireless charger silicone thermal pad cooling solution

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The characteristic of silicone thermal pad is that it has a certain degree of flexibility, excellent insulation, compressibility and surface natural viscosity. It is specially designed for wireless chargers. It uses the principle of heat transfer through gaps as a design solution to produce silicone thermal pads.

The specific working principle of wireless charger silicone thermal pad heat dissipation:

The silicone thermal pad is a heat-conducting medium, whose main function is to transfer the surface temperature of the heat source to the radiator or the air. In order to make the heat dissipation efficiency better, the bottom of the wireless charging is generally a one-piece metal material with an anti-skid pad, which can lay a good foundation for the heat dissipation of internal electronic components, and can also achieve the effect of anti-skid and not easy to wear.

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How does silicone thermal pad play a role in dissipating heat in a wireless charger:

The silicone thermal pad can fill the gap, so as to transfer heat between the heating part and the heat dissipation part. At the same time, it can also play the role of insulation, shock absorption and sealing. Since the shape and size of the silicone thermal pad can be designed, it can meet the miniaturization of the equipment. Design requirements, both manufacturability and practicality, so the silicone thermal pad has a wide range of applications and can be well used in wireless chargers.


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